Would you like to go on an intergalactic journey to the moon and stars? Get ready and take a seat in the spaceship! You are traveling in a galaxy full of planets,very close to the moon. Play this amazing free bubble shooter puzzle game,and combine 3 or more bubbles of the same color to overcome the challenges and win rewards.

You better stay in the zone,armed wITh an extreme bubble shooter,because the galactic war is on! Play this amazing free game today and enjoy a bubble shooter puzzle game packed wITh challenging levels and excITing missions! The instructions are simple,match,shoot and pop all the bubbles and reach the target to conquer levels.

Zone Bubbles is the best bubble shooting game in the zone. Shoot bubbles in the shadowy earth,shiny stars,the zone bubbles adventure is pure fun game! Earn awesome boosters that will help you smash bubbles,solve the puzzles,get through levels,and play this fun action game anytime and anywhere,no WiFi connection is required!

Zone Bubble Game Features:

* Match and pop all the colorful balls to clear the board area and move on to the next awesome level.

* AIm and clear all the colored bubbles from the board area.

* Boost your gaming experience wITh awesome power-ups.

* Win all the levels by popping all the bubbles in limITed shots.

* Swap bubbles wIThout limIT,just tap on your bubble to change ITs color.

* Win enough points to reach high scores and earn 3 stars on every level.

* Cool space backgrounds and effects.

* Addicting game mode - play for hours wITh no internet needed,and reach the target to win.

* Fun strategy game for the whole family to play and enjoy!

Zone Bubble is a free actionpacked fight game to download,get IT now and join the crazy bubble popping party! Enjoy this fun online board game designed to keep your brAIn sharp and active.

Are you ready to begin the best shooting game around?

Take AIm,hIT,explode,and blast all the bubbles!

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