Ride,Build,Share and Compete!

Experience the heart-pounding,insane and adrenaline-packed thrills of Downhill,Freeride and Slopestyle mountAIn biking as you progress from Novice to Pro Rider in the ultimate MountAIn Biking gaming experience.

Youll travel the globe - from Whistler to the Alps - beating Pro Riders,tackling trAIl challenges,conquering mountAIns,building trAIls,upgrading your bikes components and competing agAInst friends. Youll learn to pump for speed,trick for points and quot;huck steezy sendersquot; like the pros. WITh 18 progressively audacious tricks to learn,and a practically infinITe range of combos to attempt,youll be soaring like an eagle while pulling combos the Pros haven#039;t even dreamed of yet..!

Built from the ground up for iOS as the ultimate touch-based extreme sports game,MountAIn Biker has been made by a small team of ex-Electronic Arts employees who previously helped bring you some of the greatest console games ever,including: SSX,Burnout,Need For Speed,Black,NBA Street and many more.

Simple to play,hard to master. MountAIn Biker uses intuITive finger controls to let you easily race downhill wITh a tap and effortlessly pull tricks wITh the flick of a finger. Building trAIls is as easy as drag-and-drop,and wITh seamless integration into Game Centre,youll be competing agAInst friends,finding new rivals and rising to infamy wITh crazy scores no-one in the world can grasp how you managed to pull off.

MountAIn Biking has never been this much fun!

MountAIn Bikers features include:

- Beat 14 Pro Riders from across the globe: Sam Pilgrim,Brendan FAIrclough,Szymon Godziek,Sam Reynolds,Thomas Genon,Jackson Goldstone,Kelly McGarry,Manon Carpenter,Nicholi Rogatkin,Andrew Neethling,Matt Macduff,Olly Wilkins,Katy Curd Olivier Cuvet.

- 7 Authentic Bike Brands: Buy and ride bikes from top manufacturers including Scott,YT Industries,DMR,Canyon,Banshee Polygon.

- 7 Top Component Manufacturers: Upgrade components for increased performance from Spank,Hope,X-Fusion,Cane Creek,Maxxis Schwalbe.

- 18 Tricks: Moto-Whip,No-Hands,Table-Top,Two-Star,Whip,Toboggan,Superman,Cannonball,Backflip,Frontflip,Backflip No-Hands,Frontflip No-Hands,Backflip Superman,Frontflip No-Feet,Backflip Ruler,Frontflip Superman,Backflip Tsunami Frontflip Flatline!

- 3 great Locations: BrITish Columbia,Utah Alps,wITh more coming soon.

- TrAIl Builder: Create your own perfect,gnarly and / or challenging trAIls and share them wITh the world. Set your own challenges and see who can beat your trAIl!

- Seamless Online Offline Game-Play: Compete wITh the Pro Riders,your own friends as well as all other Game Centre players wITh leaderboards for each and every trAIl in the game - even user-generated trAIls.

- Hours of Game-Play: Conquer 3 MountAIns,beat 14 Pro Riders,beat over 50 offline trAIls,and tons of achievements just to finish the offline game. Online gameplay is practically infinITe as new user-generated trAIls will be appear dAIly.

- Achievements: Some are easy,some are hard and some are secret!